Many may be unaware of my creative abilities and be surprised to find that I crochet in my spare time.  I find the process is my creative outlet and also has incredibly therapeutic qualities.

Recently, I thought again of the ways in which I wanted to use my skills for good, and found that my desire to comfort the homeless in some ways is only inhibited by my ability to fund the costs of yarn to make more blankets to keep them warm. As I enjoyed the privilege of the warmth afforded by a beautiful blanket I’ve been making for my son, I had a thought: what if I could ask generous souls to consider donating a ball of yarn so I could then make them. There’s so many beautiful souls out there, so perhaps it’s worth a try?

With that in mind, I decided to ask my communities of friends, family and followers if they would be kind enough to purchase and donate a ball of yarn to this endeavour.  After such success, I thought to include a page on my blog, dedicated to this project as well.

So, I put this out to the world at large and to my readers that I am actively seeking donations of Lincraft Cakes from Lincraft, or Caron Cakes from Spotlight, to support this project and it would be my sincere honour to use these donations to make a warm blanket for those in need. Why such specific yarn? Well, these yarns are ideal for a number of reasons, but here’s my top three:

1. The beautiful colours are enough to bring a smile to most faces, and the idea of the end product is to provide warmth; both physical and emotional. The colours in these yarns change, which allows for a uniqueness to each and every blanket, which will hopefully make the recipient feel that much more special receiving a unique blanket just for them.

2. This yarn is predominately acrylic and so it is easier to wash in average washing machines making cleaning and maintenance a little easier.

3. They are a 10ply yarn, making them thicker and warmer for those really cold nights. 

If anyone would like to donate a ball of this yarn, please contact me to arrange delivery or collection. You can reach me by private message or through my details on my contact page.

I am only one person, but I hope that with the help of all of you, together we can comfort the homeless with the warm hug of a homemade crocheted blanket. And I get to use my own #crochettherapy in a truly meaningful way.

If you would like to follow #theyarnfulnessproject Facebook page to be involved, or just keep up to date on the progress of the project, please click here. For those interested in following my creative projects generally, you can find me on Instagram using the @yarnfulness name.

#theyarnfulnessproject: promoting warmth, love and kindness, one stitch at a time.

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(Please note that I am not a registered charity or organisation nor am I affiliated with any such organisation. I also have no affiliation with Spotlight or Lincraft or any particular yarn manufacturer or retailer, other than to say that I frequent there far too much for the specials!. I refer to these only out of preference. This endeavour is just a personal one and not at all a commercial or formal enterprise.)