The Unsent Text Message Will: Is it really that simple? No – it’s really not!

It’s likely been in your news feed recently that an unsent text message was held by a Queensland Court to be a valid Will.  It may seem quite unbelievable to some that this would even happen! On the other hand, maybe it doesn’t? Reviewing the comments that appear in many of the media articles online [...]


“An amount equivalent to” a Retirement Village Exit Entitlement in a Will

With an ageing population and more testators residing in retirement villages with either freehold or leasehold interests at play, I found this case particularly interesting. The case of Suthers v Suthers [2015] QSC 285 involved a gift to the daughter of the testator of an amount of money equivalent to an amount received by the estate from the sale of the testator's [...]

Buyer beware: engaging lawyers that “complicate things”

I hear comments in society all the time such as "lawyers complicate things" or some variation of that. I can entirely understand why people think this, but it's generally not true. It's probably because we ask lots of questions and likely those questions are things you probably didn't think about. BUT that's our job. Some [...]