The Unsent Text Message Will: Is it really that simple? No – it’s really not!

It’s likely been in your news feed recently that an unsent text message was held by a Queensland Court to be a valid Will.  It may seem quite unbelievable to some that this would even happen! On the other hand, maybe it doesn’t? Reviewing the comments that appear in many of the media articles online [...]


Excluded child’s claim dismissed: 40 years of estrangement after bitter divorce (NSW)

In case it's not already evident to my readers, I have a particular interest in family provision cases that touch on disentitling conduct or estrangement.  So, it's no surprise this recent case in the Supreme Court of NSW caught my eye yesterday where a family provision application by an adult child, who was excluded from [...]

A Shared Life: Family provision claim by same-sex defacto of 30 years

For those of my readers who are not familiar with estate litigation matters, it is common for parties to apply to the Court to "sign-off" on negotiated outcomes following a private mediation.  This is particularly so where the estate property is comprised of real property. As such, I thought it worthwhile to write a short note on the latest case of Roberts [...]

FPA x2: Grandson vs Daughter – Close Personal Relationship

  This month, the Supreme Court of New South Wales, determined a family provision claim by a self-sufficient adult daughter and an adult grandson. In the case of Re Filomena Rodi, deceased [2016] NSWSC 1696, the deceased was survived by four children, 2 daughters and 2 sons, and had left her estate to them equally. [...]

An offer is an offer, no matter how small?: Costs in FPA after parentage test negative. Dismiss/Discontinue?

Recently, the Supreme Court of New South Wales  was tasked with determining whether the Court should dismiss or discontinue proceedings following the plaintiff's parentage testing resulting in him not being the deceased's child and therefore not an eligible person to make a claim. In the matter of Patterson v Scott [2016] NSWSC 1477 the Court heard that the plaintiff had commenced a family provision [...]

Executor’s duty and what to do with that additional informal document

In their last days, people can often have cause to consider additional wishes they want to record somewhere as they consider what means most to them.  Unfortunately, sometimes recording these wishes can become problematic for the executors and family left behind.  Here's a good example: I recently read the case of Re Mangan [2016] VSC 480 [...]

Family provision and 30 years of estrangement

I am always fascinated by the outcome of family provision claims where the applicant is an estranged adult child. Naturally, the case of Wright v Wright [2016] QDC 74 piqued my interest. The case involved a testator leaving a significant estate valued at approximately $1.7 million dollars. Within his last will, the testator elected to disinherit his children and benefit his siblings, [...]