Research interests

Michele enjoys so many aspects of researching and writing about succession law, however there are a few special that really interest her from a research perspective. Here is a non-exhaustive list that is subject to change without notice:

  • Disentitling conduct in family provision claims
  • Estrangement in family provision claims
  • Forfeiture rule (also known as the “Slayer’s Rule” overseas)
  • Digital assets
  • Actual and Presumed undue influence in the context of powers of attorney and conflict transactions.

Michele’s love of research helped her along to enrol in her PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) in 2020 with the amazing Australian Centre for Health Law Research at QUT. Michele is currently taking a leave of absence and look forward to getting back into her research very, very soon!

If you have an interest in writing with Michele, please reach out.

For all Michele’s research outputs, you can check out her ORCiD here or Google Scholar profile here.