Informal Revocation: Can a File Note be enough to revoke a Will? (TAS)

This morning, I read a very interesting case that makes me think of the tasks I do on a daily basis; taking notes of my client's instructions. The case of Public Trustee v Bott [2017] TASSC 43 involved a question of whether a File Note could be an informal document containing the deceased’s testamentary intentions [...]


Question, answered. Does a Solicitor owe a duty to a disappointed beneficiary?

The long awaited decision of Badenach v Calvert [2016] HCA 18 was handed down today by the High Court of Australia.  Does a solicitor owe a duty to an intended beneficiary?  Well, it depends, but in this case, the short answer is no.  And here's why: By way of background, the case of Calvert v Badenach caught [...]

Buyer beware: engaging lawyers that “complicate things”

I hear comments in society all the time such as "lawyers complicate things" or some variation of that. I can entirely understand why people think this, but it's generally not true. It's probably because we ask lots of questions and likely those questions are things you probably didn't think about. BUT that's our job. Some [...]