Left out of Struggle Street; Right onto Found Freeway

A little update from me. I hope everyone is fairing as well as can be in the pandemic and everything that it has touched over these past 2 years.

I wanted to write a slightly different blog post today. The first thing I want to do is apologise to anyone who frequents my blog for the purposes of getting their fix of case law only to find that I have been incredibly slack getting things published. I’m so sorry. Never fear, I still have a great love of case law notes, and have quite a collection I want to write about very soon, but I do have (what I feel is) a very good reason?!

Recently, I have been experiencing some health issues, including a chronic pain condition or two, which have required a few surgeries, including hand surgery in July 2020 and then a shoulder surgery in June 2021. It has been (and continues to be) a long and bumpy road. My health required more of a financial commitment that my PhD scholarship would allow, so I returned to work and took a leave of absence from my PhD whilst I tried to avoid surgery (unsuccessfully) and work on rehab. I will absolutely be going back to it.

I have been incredibly fortunate, however, when I was offered an opportunity to work with the College of Law to help lead their postgraduate specialisation courses in wills and estates and estate planning in addition to my adjunct lecturer role. This work genuinely brings me so much joy! I also opened my firm (a bit of a product of circumstance!) to allow me the opportunity to help people in my local area with estate planning and retirement, ageing work, doing what I love, but also in a way that I can manage with my new health demands! I was even able to launch a passion project of mine called Hello Law, to support and mentor the next generation of the legal profession. (I’m not very good at taking it easy. If my body wasn’t going to comply, well, my brain needed to up the ante).

Ultimately, everything that has happened (pandemic included!), has certainly lead to a lot of reflection and evolution. I have learned a lot about me and what makes me tick. From that, I have embraced what brings me the most joy in my work. I decided to become a collaboratively trained practitioner for estate disputes and a mediator!

So, beginning with an apology and ending on highlighting hopes for the future. Forever a ‘glass half full’!. We will return now to your regular viewing/reading. Stay tuned for the next blog post, coming soon!

Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall