Changes afoot

A little while ago, I started writing a few posts on things other than cases in succession and elder law (I know, crazy right?!).

These articles were drawn out from a love of helping people, just like those of my case updates.

I decided to finally publish these cases on this blog. It’s a bit of a leap of faith because these posts come from a different place and they are for a different purpose. (So, please be kind!) I’ve written these posts in the hopes that they help law students and lawyers in their careers, whether they’re at the beginning, middle or end of their legal life. I’ve called this part of my blog “mad about law“. You may ask “why would you do that, Michele?!” Well, M.A.D. are actually my initials and the blog is about law. So, I thought it kind of suited!

The mad about law blog is fundamentally about Passion, Positivity and Perseverance in the law.

For many years I’ve really enjoyed helping law students and other lawyers find some peace and comfort with different challenges they’ve faced. As I’m sure we can all agree, sometimes just talking about it can be great benefit. I have always been a deep thinker and have found comfort in learning of their experiences, their insights, reflecting on my own, appreciating different views and positions and sharing in the challenges that are regularly found in the legal world. What I have almost always found is that the discussions always lead to one of us saying “Oh, wow. Thank goodness. I’m not the only one”. The thing is, we’re rarely (if ever) “the only one”. It’s only that people don’t (in my humble opinion) share these experiences or insight as openly as they should or perhaps they don’t now how they might best share those experiences (or, they may not do so for other reasons, and of course, I wholeheartedly respect that).

The mad about law blog is a place where I can articulate some of those thoughts, experiences, insights and commentary around these regular things that affect us in practice. I want to share this with the world in the hopes that others, that perhaps aren’t comfortable reaching out to their circle and struggle to articulate this personally and openly, to find some insight, hope and comfort that they’re certainty not alone.

I get asked lots of questions from law students or early career lawyers about how to address certain challenges in law life. I hope that the mad about law blog will help them in some small way. I also hope to inspire others to feel good about what they do. There is so much to be loved about this world, however it is often forgotten or covered by other not-so-great things. I get it. We’ve all been there.

I absolutely welcome people to comment on my posts, contact me to suggest topics to discuss, or send me any questions that you need some advice about. I welcome ANYONE; including students, lawyers, non-lawyers, educators, leaders etc. Please, use this platform to share your experience. If you share them, you never know how much that insight could help others, whether it’s another student or lawyer or perhaps a leader seeking out better ways to help a person in their team or gain greater insight into the new legal world we live in. As I said, I really don’t have all the answers; I only have my perspective or insights I have had the opportunity to gain from others around me but I am happy to share that perspective and insight in the off-chance it helps people in the process!

This legal world we live and breathe is changing; fast. There are some wonderful and inspiring changes on the way, however there is also a lot of resistance to change. These things make for a pretty bumpy and roller-coaster-like ride for any person in the industry, which can make it pretty darn hard to stay optimistic and positive. Hopefully between us all, we can help each other overcome the bad and celebrate the great. There is greatness all around us!


an intense desire or enthusiasm for something


the practice of being or tendency to be positive or optimistic in attitude

Perseverance (noun)

persistence in doing something despite difficult or delay in achieving success

So why the special update?

The reason I’m writing this update post is to let those of my followers know about the change and explain how you can adjust your reading, if you so desire. I acknowledge that some people may not be interested in these new posts, and I appreciate accept that.

I appreciate there are probably a few ways people may read my blog content:

  1. Visit the website, as and when they want!
  2. Visit the website through the email update they receive when I post new content;
  3. Subscribe to a RSS Feed, using a RSS Feed manager.

Website visitors

For those vising the website as and when they wish, you can find ALL content by clicking the link BLOGS above. If you prefer to go only to cases or mad about law, you will find that the BLOGS link above has a drop-down box, and you can go direct to the content you wish to read. If you have bookmarked my blog, I would recommend you edit the bookmark as you need to below:

Email subscribers

As these posts are all in the one blog, as an email subscriber, you will receive an update whenever I post any new content; posts on cases or mad about law. Unfortunately, I cannot adjust the email subscription options (I’m sorry!), so perhaps the best way is to simply click on those email updates to read the content that interests you.

RSS Feed users

If you want to RSS Feed to EVERYTHING, please use this RSS Feed link

I have been able to create two separate feeds for the different being posted.

And if you forget all of the above RSS feed info, you can find links to these on my homepage!

If you’re not even sure what RSS feeds are all about; they’re amazing and you should take a look today. I use an RSS Feed manager called Feedly and it’s wonderful! If you like reading a lot and read a lot of different blogs and new pages etc, you would be best served taking a look at how something like that could help you organise all your news feeds! You can check our Feedly here, as an example.

I really hope you enjoy the new additional content on my blog. Please feel free to post your comments or contact me directly about your thoughts.

Whilst you get familiar with the new content, I will get busy finishing off my draft posts and try to catch up on my case update content! (Sorry! It’s been a crazy few months, so I appreciate your patience with me!).


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