Here appears a number of blog posts devoted to a few things that mean something to me.




…all within the realms of your legal career.

As a [woman] lawyer working within what can sometimes be a very difficult industry, these things have been challenging to understand and achieve.

In typical lawyer fashion, here’s the caveat to this blog; I definitely don’t have all the answers (and no one does). This blog appears here simply because I have an interest in working through problems and sharing experiences in the hopes that it helps others.

I am a strong believer in sharing experiences and education so that you can help others gain that insight and knowledge that you have achieved as a result. After all, chances are that person you share it with has either experienced it or may experience it, or something similar, in the future.  And maybe, just maybe, the sharing of that knowledge may help them prepare or work through that experience when they are going through it themselves or supporting another going through similar.  Perhaps that insight can give them the tools or support they need to overcome or manage that experience more effectively resulting in more meaningful insight and knowledge for them.

Frequently referred to as the “good cop” and “incurably optimistic”, I am guilty of taking a ‘glass-half-full’ kind of approach to anything and everything and in this blog you will find no different!.  I identify as an introvert (which surprises many around me) and I very much a ‘people person’.  I am a keen observer; a student of human nature and of life. I have an incurable case of curiosity.  I learn so much through my own experiences, but I also absorb (whether I want to or not!) the education of others when they share their own experiences. I analyse these things in the hopes that I can also take something away from that learning.  I learn from the wins and losses of others through listening.

It is this learning that has fostered this great love of sharing knowledge and experience in order to help people around me.

It is this learning that has brought me here.

Here you will find stories, opinions and commentary on the common challenges that lawyers (women especially) can face in the legal industry. I want to be able to offer another person’s view in trying to understand the ‘hows’, ‘whens’, ‘whats’, ‘whys’ and ‘why nots’ of getting into the legal industry, staying in it, fostering positivity within it, being passionate while you’re working in it and persisting in it when things are challenging beyond measure.

This blog has been borne out of a desire to help lawyers and lawyers-to-be  find their own way in their own legal careers.  Your legal career will be (and should be) unique to you.

I welcome you to add this blog to your feed so you can get updates when they come. If you have a particularly difficult conundrum you’re facing and you have not yet found the answer, I welcome you to send me a message through this site and I will offer whatever help I can.

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