Buyer beware: engaging lawyers that “complicate things”

I hear comments in society all the time such as “lawyers complicate things” or some variation of that.

I can entirely understand why people think this, but it’s generally not true. It’s probably because we ask lots of questions and likely those questions are things you probably didn’t think about. BUT that’s our job.

Some things can be more straight forward than others, but these days the law is becoming more and more complicated. This is largely because life is just complicated, so naturally the rules that govern us and our actions have to attempt to keep up.

Believe me when I say that alot of lawyers want things to be simpler, but that is not the reality of life today.

Lawyers don’t complicate things, the law is complicated. The lawyers that don’t “complicate things” can be the ones that don’t understand how complicated your issue may be.

I implore everyone to take a considered approach to engaging any lawyer. There are so many different types out there with varying levels of expertise in different areas of law. A lawyer can know alot about select areas or a little about alot of areas.

Think about a medical specialist. You go to them because they specialise in the area you need help with. Why be any different when engaging a lawyer?

Food for thought.

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