Elder abuse – it even has a name

Elder Abuse is alive and well.. unfortunately.

It has become such a problem it now has a name?  How did this happen?… That’s a rhetorical question.

I’ve been reading more and more of Actor Mickey Rooney’s struggle and despite his original wealth and celebrity status, he was still just a gentleman, taken advantage of by the people closest to him.  You don’t need to be wealthy or a celebrity to suffer elder abuse.

A particularly interesting article was this one here.  Perhaps it was the video of him at the header that really hit home.  He reminds me of my late grandfather.

In Australia, it’s no different.  People have and sadly continue to abuse the elderly.  Often they use a Power of Attorney appointing them the authority to deal with their elderly family member’s or friend’s affairs.

What’s important to know is that there are avenues to take if you think someone is being abused.  The Office of the Adult Guardian has a division that investigates this misuse of a Power of Attorney.  There are statutory rights that an interested person can utilise if they have suspicion that the attorney is not doing their job properly.

My point is this… get some advice.

If your or someone you know is being abused or possibly being abused, seek the assistance of the Adult Guardian or a lawyer.  You can contact the Adult Guardian here.

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